Graduate Architecture and Urban Design in Rome

Coordinator, Jason Vigneri-Beane <>

The Graduate Architecture and Urban Design in Rome program offers a three-credit course on architecture, urbanism and design over the month of June. The program is located in Rome’s famous Trastevere district and includes travel to Florence, Siena and Venice. Housing and classroom space is provided and financial aid is typically available.

Within the progressive context of the GAUD program this course seeks to mine these intensively designed environments for contemporary principles. While the course is fully engaged with the historical significance of the material it presents it also finds excellent opportunities to study the relational dynamics, socio-political developments, techno-material innovations and manipulated ecologies out of which such incredibly concentrated cultural production emerges.

Course content is delivered through lectures, discussions, tours, visiting scholars, and projects that perform a speculative mapping of the city of Rome in the form of graphics, diagrams, notation, and text. This multi-media/multi-concept mapping focuses individuals on specific urban or architectural systems and/or phenomena. In addition, it explores contemporary representational techniques as mechanisms for drawing out complexities, evolutionary logics, modes of differentiation and other contemporary principles from the deeply evolved constructed environments in which we are immersed.

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